Monday, June 1, 2009


I haven't posted for a long while....but with my computer being down it makes it really hard to download and post pictures. So pics will definitely be posted tonight.

The buildings are coming along very,very well. The retail space is all but done, the exterior is all but completed. The interior for the Quiznos is coming along--I still haven't seen the inside but I hear it is painted!!! I am going to try to get pictures this Thurs. of it. Materials for the opening will be here soon, and the coolers will be here before we know it. I am very excited.

As for the theater we are moving a little bit slower, the weather the last couple of days has put us behind....and lets be serious subcontractors don't like to work very hard after a long weekend (darn Memorial weekend). The roof is a quarter of the way on, electrical for it is being designed as we speak, and fire sprinklers should be coming along, drywall and acoustical ceiling next, and then the pouring of the floor. After that it will be rush, rush to get to where we need to be. I can hardly believe that in two weeks the building won't even look the same (if we can keep the subs moving.....please help us by crossing your fingers at this point).

Our project manager, Dave, is helping lots, and lots. He keeps us moving, and the subs in line. He is so on top of things that he is ahead of me most of the time by a few steps, can I say way impressed again. We are very glad we hired him.

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  1. Yeah Ali! Thanks for posting again...can I help you with this any way? I am not a great blogger but I can update this if you want me to!