Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 21, 2009

Wow another wall has appeared over night! Okay, well not really but things are moving along...and David is getting us there. I am really impressed with his work, understanding, and his get-go. Looks like we will be having safety meetings every week, something we haven't ever had before.

And this man has a construction bible! Litterally. He comes into the office with a book and says, "We are going to need this can you make a copy?" It is 60 something pages long with names, phone numbers, fax, and all sorts of people in what looks to be 12pt font! Wow! Can I keep saying IMPRESSED!!!

Even CVM is getting involved. Below are some pictures of the guys doing HVAC for the retail space. I am hoping that roof-top units will be here in the afternoon, and that we will be setting them the end of this week or the first of next. I am not sure. David does have a three-week schedule (yes that is right he gave me a schedule, and it looks great), I need to check it to make sure. But believe me next week is going to be all construction down at the site with people working on storefront, the theater, and trying to get the parking lot for the retail space figured out....yep busy!

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